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Rapid Provision of Medical Supplies
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Chinabidders International Co., Ltd

Chinabidders International Co., Ltd, established in 2019 was led by Hong Kong Bigway Group Holdings Limited and co-founded with relevant departments of Hai 'an municipal government and Rugao municipal government Jiangsu, Guangdong Hongchuan Group Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Yangtze Petrochemical Co., Ltd, Nantong Benny Petrochemical Harbor Storage Co., Ltd and Nantong Qix Storage Co., Ltd.

Chinabidders International is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Hai 'an, Jiangsu Province with a total investment of RMB 350 million. It is a modern trading company combining trade, warehousing and logistics business, which covers general trade, import and export agency, barter trade, transit trade, etc.

Since establishment the company has been engaged in import and export of petrochemical, mechanical and electrical, medical equipment, building materials and other related products. Through continuous exploration, practice and market feedback, the company has established an integrated product distribution and circulation network system. Chinabidders International provides professional international trading services for domestic and foreign customer towards its advanced network operating system and expert team which has 20 years of international trading experiences. Based on the geographical advantages, actively grasping the market dynamics and striving for excellence in service and quality, the company has made considerable and steady development. Till now, the company is appraised as Excellent supplier for the Food Industry (Chicken, Pork, Seafood etc. ), Medical industry, Petrochemical Industry and other industries.

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