Plane Face Mask

Plane masks include: disposable mask (3 ply), medical surgical mask, disposable medical mask, etc.

The plane mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric and a layer of Melt blown which is with bacteria filtration efficiency of more than 99%, added in the middle by ultrasonic welding. The plane mask is professionally used in the medical and health care, which is comfortable to wear and breathable.

Medical surgical mask is a disposable mask worn by clinical medical personnel during invasive medical treatment procedure, which can cover the user’s mouth and nose, and provide a physical barrier to prevent the direct penetration of pathogens, microorganisms, body fluids, particles, etc.

Certificated with FDA and EU CE certifications, they meet the Chinese medical standard YY 0469-2011 “Technical Requirements For Medical Surgical Masks”

N95 mask

The N95 respirator is one of the nine types of particulate respirator certified by NIOSH (National Institute for occupational safety and health). The product meets the N95 standard and passes NIOSH review, which can achieve more than filtration efficiency of over 95% for particles with aerodynamic diameter of 0.075 μ m ± 0.020 μ M.

The products are certificated with FDA, CE, ISO quality system certification.

Protective goggles
Goggles have the protective function against saliva, splash, fog, ultraviolet, impact, high light transmission, etc. They are made of polymer material, which has soft texture and comfortable to wear with clear vision. It enables the user to wear myopia glasses at the same time and can also effectively block blood, body fluid splash, flying foam, sand dust, etc. It is suitable for operation rooms, laboratories, populated places, etc.
Face Shield
The protective face shield has the advantages of double-sided antifogging, and resistance to high temperature, impact, oil, saliva, liquid sputtering, etc. It adopts high-quality environmental protection materials to ensure a clear vision, and is safe and light. It ensure the 180 degree isolative protection and is fitted with the anti-scratch protective film, which is suitable for hospitals, laboratories, schools, office buildings and other public places.
Nitrile Examination Gloves
Nitrile examination gloves are disposable powder-free gloves, made of 100% nitrile rubber, which avoids skin allergies. It has the superior ability of puncture resistance, anti-bacterial penetration, chemical resistance and durable wearing. It is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. It is with advanced technology, and has soft and comfortable hand feeling, flexible for operation, which can provide users with better protection. At present, nitrile gloves are widely used in laboratories, research institutes, hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums and other medical institutions in Europe and America.
Medical Protective Coverall

Medical protective coverall refers to protective clothing used by medical personnel (doctors, nurses, public health personnel, cleaning personnel, etc.) and people entering specific medical and healthcare areas (e.g. patients, hospital visitors, personnel entering infected areas, etc.). It has the characteristics of anti-penetration, good breathability, high strength and high resistance to hydrostatic pressure. It can isolate germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acid and alkaline solutions, electromagnetic radiation, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean.

It is widely used in fire protection, military, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratory and other industries and departments.

Medical Isolation Coverall

Medical isolation coverall is one of the protective items for medical staff to use against contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances.

It has good breathability and moisture permeability, which can prevent the penetration of fine dust and liquid, allowing the penetration of water vapor. The isolation coverall itself does not produce or generate and sticky dust. It has good barrier properties, high density, high strength, and can effectively sterilize.

It is mainly used in electronic, pharmaceutical, food, bio-engineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tube, semiconductor, precision machinery, plastic, painting, hospital, environmental protection and other industries’ clean workshop.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Infrared forehead thermometer is designed for measuring the forehead temperature of human body, which is very simple and convenient to use. It can measure temperature accurately within 1 second without laser sighting, which avoids potential damage to eyes. It has no contact to human skin, which avoided cross infection. It is simple to use to check influenza by one-click temperature measurement, which is suitable for home, hotels, libraries, large enterprises and institutions, as well as being used in hospitals, schools, customs, airports and other places. It can also be used for medical staff to use in clinics.
Medical monitor
Medical monitor is a kind of device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of patients and compares with the set value. If an over-standard occurs, an alarm will be given. The monitor must continuously monitor the physiological parameters of patients for 24 hours, detect the variation trend, and point out the critical situation, as well as provide the basis for doctors to deal with emergency and carry out treatment, so as to minimize the complications and achieve the purpose of alleviating and eliminating disease.
Infusion Pump
Infusion pump is a kind of equipment that can accurately control the infusion fringes (or the number of drops) to ensure that the drug can be evenly distributed with accurate dosage and safe entry into the patient's body. It is commonly used in situations where strict control of the amount of infusion and dosage is required.
Methanol (Methanol, CH3OH), an important organic chemical material, has a Mol.wt of 32.04 and a boiling point of 64.7℃. It is mainly used in the production of a series of organic chemical products such as formaldehyde, dimethyl ether, acetic acid, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), dimethyl formamide (DMF), methylamine, chloromethane, dimethyl terephthalate, methyl methacrylate and synthetic rubber.
High density polyethylene (HDPE) is in white powder or granular. It is non-toxic and tasteless, whose hardness, tensile strength and creep properties are better than low density polyethylene. It has fine wear resistance, electrical insulation, toughness and cold resistance; and is mainly used in the production of packaging film, rope, woven bags, fishing nets, water pipes; injection low-grade commodity and shell, non-load bearing components, plastic box, turnover box; extrusion blow molding containers, hollow products, bottles, etc.
Bitumen is a black - brown complex mixture of hydrocarbons and their nonmetallic derivatives with different molecular weights,in liquid form and black color. Asphalt is widely used for waterproof and anticorrosive material, specifically applied for waterproof of roof, ground, and underground structure, and anticorrosion of wood and steel. Bitumen is also a widely used cementing material for pavement structure in road engineering, which can be built into asphalt pavement with different structures by matching with different mineral materials in proportion.
Polypropylene (PP)
Polypropylene (PP), ch2-ch (CH3) is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide range of applications including thin films and sheets, blow molding, injection molding, food packaging, textiles, laboratory and medical equipment, tubes, industrial applications, as well as construction and automotive components.