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Nantong port is located in Nantong, Jiangsu province, with a shoreline of 4166 meters. There are 24 public production berths of above 1000-ton level, including 14 berths of above 10,000-ton level, with a maximum berthing capacity of 200,000 tons, storage yard of 670,000 square meters and warehouse area of up to 60,000 square meters.


Bulk Cargo Transshipment

Nantong port has a first-class level of bulk cargo operations along the Yangtze river, with complete loading and unloading machinery and facilities. Bulk cargo has been the main cargo of Nantong port, including iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, non-metallic ore, sulfur, grain and so on.

Breakbulk Cargo Transshipment

The main operation area of Nantong port is for the handling and transshipment of breakbulk cargo, including steel, feed, chemical fertilizer, grain, sulfur, cement clinker, asphalt, chemical raw materials, etc. It has the port crane with largest lifting capacity of 40 tons among all the Yangtze river ports, 63-ton floating crane, 37–ton forklift and other kinds of machinery and equipment which can meet the requirement of loading, unloading and transshipment of large cargo.

Specialized Transshipment of Coals Transported by Sea & River

Nantong port has a port area specializing in coal handling and transportation, mainly engaged in fuel handling and unloading and transshipment of construction materials; loading, unloading and transshipment of coals from the river, sea as well as locally traded coals with sufficient storage yard and rich experience in operation.

Container Transshipment

It has bridge crane, tyred gantry crane and all other kinds of machinery, serving for international routes from Nantong to Japan, Hong Kong etc., and domestic routes along coastal ports and inland feeder of the Yangtze River.

Ocean Shipping Tallying

It provides services for international and domestic shipping routes, domestic and foreign import and export cargo; fair tallying services and entrusted cargo loading and unloading supervision, water scale, measurement and other services.